Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung

Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung

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Superficial thrombophlebitis is inflammation of a vein just under the skin, usually in the Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung. A small blood clot also commonly forms in the vein, but is usually not serious.

The condition usually settles and goes within weeks. Treatments can ease pain or discomfort. Superficial thrombophlebitis is different to, and much less serious than, deep vein thrombosis DVT. However, in a small number of cases, complications can occur with superficial thrombophlebitis, including extension of the blood clot further up the vein.

If the clot extends to where the superficial and deep, larger veins join, a DVT can develop. A vein is a blood vessel that takes blood towards the heart. If a vein becomes inflamed, a blood clot commonly forms inside Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung inflamed portion. So, the term thrombophlebitis is Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung to mean Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung inflamed vein, with or without a small blood clot inside the vein.

Thrombophlebitis is commonly just called phlebitis. The superficial veins are the ones that you can often see or feel just under the skin. Most bouts of superficial thrombophlebitis occur in a leg vein. However, any superficial vein can be affected. A typical site is in a varicose vein in a leg.

Varicose veins are common, particularly in pregnant women. Superficial thrombophlebitis is not usually serious but complications can sometimes occur see below.

The deep veins are larger, pass through the muscles in your arms and legs and you cannot see or feel them. Some people get confused between superficial thrombophlebitis and deep vein thrombosis DVT. They are quite different. A DVT is Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung serious.

See separate leaflet called Deep Vein Thrombosis for more detail. Many cases occur for no apparent reason. A slight injury to the vein may trigger the inflammation Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung some cases.

There are a number of risk factors that make it more likely for inflammation to develop in a vein:, Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung. Swelling, redness and tenderness along a part of the vein are the usual symptoms. You may develop a high temperature fever. If a blood clot develops inside the inflamed part of the vein, the vein may then feel hard or knobbly.

The blood clot is usually of little concern, as it is small, Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung. There are other veins which carry Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung blood and bypass the blocked vein. When the inflammation settles, a persistent darker area of skin hyperpigmentation may remain over the affected vein.

A small firm lump may also persist below the skin. This may be tender to the touch for some time. Your doctor is usually able to diagnose superficial thrombophlebitis by talking to you and examining the affected area. Investigations are not usually needed, especially if you have one of the risk factors for superficial thrombophlebitis see above.

However, if your doctor is concerned that you may have a DVT see belowthey may advise that you have some tests to exclude this. This usually means a special ultrasound scan of the affected area to look for any clots in the deep veins. If you have recurrent bouts of thrombophlebitis, especially if you have no real risk factors for superficial thrombophlebitis, your doctor may suggest some tests to check that you do not have any problems with the clotting of your blood.

They may also suggest other tests to look for more rare causes of recurrent superficial thrombophlebitis see below, Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung. 2, mit der Verwendung von SDA trophischen Geschwüren bouts of superficial thrombophlebitis last for weeks.

If they are associated with varicose veins, they are likely to return recur. No treatment may be needed if the symptoms are mild. One or more of the following treatments may be advised, depending on your symptoms and the severity of the condition:. If your doctor feels that you may have a DVT or be at high risk of developing one, they may suggest Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung you are referred either to the hospital or to a special DVT clinic.

This will enable you to have any investigations or treatment necessary see above. Sometimes, prophylactic just in case treatment may be given to people who have superficial thrombophlebitis and may be at high risk of developing a DVT.

This involves injection of a medicine to thin the blood. The inflammation and pain usually settle within a few weeks. Most people make a full recovery. The possible complications listed below are uncommon, Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung. They are listed, however, to give guidance on what to look out for, Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung. See a doctor as soon as possible if you suspect that a complication is developing.

Sometimes the affected vein becomes infected. The pain may then become worse and the redness spreads. You are likely to feel generally unwell. Infection is more common in someone who has had a drip inserted for a long period, in people who abuse 'street drugs' or in people with a weakened immune system. Antibiotics are needed to treat the infection. If the infection is severe, you may need to be admitted to hospital for antibiotics given directly into a vein. Rarely, infection in a vein becomes severe and may spread to other areas of the body.

In some cases, Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung, the blood clot can extend Bein Krampfadern während der Schwangerschaft up the vein.

If the clot extends to where the superficial and deep veins join, a DVT can develop. This is more likely if the superficial thrombophlebitis is in the upper thigh or the groin, near to where the superficial veins and the deep veins of the leg meet. There is a similar meeting point of superficial and deep veins at the crease behind the knee. It is also more likely to occur:. When a DVT leads to thrombophlebitis, there is an increased risk of developing further DVTs Salbe Lioton von Krampfadern possibly clots on the lung pulmonary embolism.

It is common for people with varicose veins to have repeated recurrent bouts of superficial thrombophlebitis. However, for a small number of people this may be the first sign of a more serious condition. For example, cancer or a rare condition called polyarteritis nodosa in which there is patchy inflammation of the walls of the arteries.

This is more likely if the bouts occur at different sites, or in different veins in someone without varicose veins. Tests may be advised if there is no obvious explanation for recurring bouts of superficial thrombophlebitis.

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In this article arrow-down What is thrombophlebitis? Superficial Thrombophlebitis In this article What is thrombophlebitis? What is superficial thrombophlebitis? What causes superficial Behandlung von eitrigen Thrombophlebitis What are the symptoms of superficial thrombophlebitis?

Do I need any investigations? What is the treatment for superficial thrombophlebitis? Are there any complications from superficial thrombophlebitis? Phlebitis means inflammation of a vein. Thrombo sis means a blood clot in a vein.

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Phlebitis | HealthCentral

Phlebitis is a general term to describe the inflammation of a vein. Very often, the inflammation is accompanied by formation of a clot thrombuswhich occludes the blood flow through the vein.

This condition is known as thrombophlebitis or venous thrombosis, Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung. There are two general types of thrombophlebitis: AboutAmericans are hospitalized each year because of deep thrombophlebitis, the major danger being that a portion of the clot will break away and travel through the venous system to the lungs, forming a pulmonary embolism.

If one of the large pulmonary vessels is blocked, death may result. Superficial phlebitis is most likely to develop in people with varicose veins, Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung, patients who are bedridden, or in pregnant women.

There may be obvious swelling and a red streak along the involved vein; there may also be heaviness and pain in the leg. The discomfort is usually eased when the leg is elevated and worsened when it is lowered. Deep Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung is more likely to cause pain, tenderness, Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung, and swelling of the entire limb. Unfortunately, deep thrombophlebitis may occur without producing symptoms until a pulmonary embolism signals its presence.

It occurs most commonly as a result of trauma to the vessel wall, hypercoagulability of the blood, infection, Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung, prolonged sitting, standing, Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung, immobilization, or after a long period of intravenous catheterization. Superficial thrombophlebitis is generally treated with periods of rest with the leg elevated, non-steroidal anti-flammatory drugs and if needed, antibiotics.

Warm compresses may ease the inflammation, and elastic stockings or bandages may be recommended to reduce the swelling. Deep thrombophlebitis is usually treated with anticoagulant drugs to reduce the formation of clots and to Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung the clots that have already formed to dissolve.

Bedrest with the leg elevated may be necessary. Anticoagulant drugs may be prescribed for up to several months to prevent recurrence. If these drugs are used for long-term treatment, patients are cautioned not to take any other medication, especially drugs like aspirin that may interact with them.

Patients on anticoagulants should have periodic blood tests and also should be alert for any signs of abnormal bleeding, such as bloody or tarry stools, blood in the Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung, or excessive bleeding of the gums or small cuts. Anticoagulant therapy and streptokinase may be administered, and moist heat is applied to the affected area; Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung heat, which may burn edematous skin, is avoided.

Every four hours the blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respiration, circulation of the affected extremity, skin condition, and pulses in all extremities are checked. The patient is kept warm and dry and is helped to turn, cough and deep breathe every two hours. Observations for signs of pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction, cardiovascular accident, or decreased renal function is Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung. As inflammation subsides, the use of support or anti-embolic stockings is demonstrated and an exercise program is begun.

The patient is instructed to alternate exercise with bedrest, never to dangle the legs, walk 10 minutes every hour, avoid prolonged standing, avoid becoming overweight, and when sitting, elevate the legs and avoid constricting circulation in the groin or crossing the Krampf wund ein Bein at the knees.

Thrombophlebitis is often a complication of Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung and conditions in the hospitalized patient. Much routine Phlebitis thrombophlebitis Behandlung care is directed towards avoiding thrombophlebitis.

Early postoperative and postpartum ambulation, range of motion exercises for the immobilized patient, good technique in intravenous catheterization, attention to fluid balance, and proper positioning of the patient are common nursing measures to promote good circulation and reduce venous stasis stoppage or diminution of flowand the development of thrombophlebitis.

People susceptible to phlebitis or any other circulatory or cardiovascular problem should not smoke since this promotes clot formation. Moderate physical activity is recommended to maintain muscle tone and promote circulation.

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Phlebitis is a general term to describe the inflammation of a vein. Thrombophlebitis is often a complication of treatments and conditions in the hospitalized patient.
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Thrombophlebitis is a condition that affects your blood circulation. Learn what causes it and who’s at risk.
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Phlebitis is a general term to describe the inflammation of a vein. Thrombophlebitis is often a complication of treatments and conditions in the hospitalized patient.
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